Saturday, 1 December 2007

i love you with all my heart

Love you

By liza , 2 dec 2007

In late of night I remembered you

Your love whispered in my heart

Through love you made me wake up

Through your passion made my heart fly

Through your understanding I walk with joy

My love wherever you are now, I miss you with all my heart

With you I will spend my life with meaningful

Don’t leave me until dead separate us

I give you my soul and my heart

By liza, 2 dec 2007

Your Love turned my pain to be heal

Your love bright my day with your desire

Your love calm my fire with your understanding

Your love gives me strong

My love wherever you are, your kiss is my desire

I felt your kissing without see your lips

I felt your touch without seeing your hands

You are my life

You are my soul

Bring me to the heaven with your love

In the name of God I give you my life and my soul

Don’t break this heart and this soul

Because I just have one this which I give you now

I believe in you

By liza 2 dec 2007

I believe In love

I believe you are made for me

I believe in you

I believe your love is the reason I breathe

I believe your caring is made from heaven

I believe my heaven in your heart

And I believe Allah take care our love always

Love is made from heaven

By liza 2 dec 2007

Love is made from heaven

I was born because of love

I live because of love

I had pain because of the poison of love

But im healing by the medicine of love

Love can be like knife or sword

But love can be turn as a magic of heaven

Love is part of God’s Gift

Love is love, no one can buy anyone love

Love is the matter of heart

Love is how you made your live fill with meaningful

Your love will made heaven cry of happiness

Your love will made heaven smile of joy

You will never lose of love

As long as you precious your heart

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