Thursday, 31 January 2008

hope and love

Hope and love
by liza

I lost love many times
I fall in to the sad moments many times
I lost confident many times
But I never lost hope of You… God
Because I believe You love me more than anything

I am standing under the rain of love
Fill my heart with the fresh air of passionate
The wind of love just breeze the whisper in my soul
God who own the universal of love
Please Send me someone who can open my heart with the spirit of joy

My heart cover with the dust of sadness
I hope the rain of love can clean and make it brighter
God who own the sky and earth
Please send someone who can share my live forever

I believe that every human being has soul mate
who can take care each other Here and heaven,
in sad and beautiful moments
and warm each other in the cold of night
God who own the beauty of love
Please send someone who can fill my heart with the meaning of live

I am tired being alone
God I know than You will send me someone who can understand me always
And accept me as I am , I am just human being with blood and desire
I ever made many mistakes ,cause I am not an angel
but I believe You always forgive me

pain of love is better than empty in loneliness
I never lost hope even the poison of love ever made me out of breath
I fall in love many times and hurt many times
but I know that’s live, like wheel and always spinning
sometime bitter sometime sweet
but I never lost hope of Your love God
Thanks for everything You gave me….

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