Monday, 28 January 2008

shadow of love

You are my shadow of love

Tears of happiness light my heart
You come like a candle in my dark soul
My doubt just fly change with your confident
You make me comfort’
Make me brave to face all the trouble

I can’t see you
I can’t touch you
I can’t kiss you
But I feel you inside my heart and soul

Your love make me cry of happiness
You are not an angel but you are the angel in my heart

I can’t talk with you
I can’t smell you
I can’t see your smile
But I see your shadow beside me always

I Meet you just in the dream
I just want you are here with me
But I just feel your shadow
Only time can unswer my need
Really ……….i need you
Wish I were there with you

Shadow in the desert

Why this happened
In the time I need you
You just like fatamorgana
I see but disepeared when I try to be near you

I saw your face and smile with me but than you gone
I walk in the desert without direction
All just sand and dry
I feel lonely and tired
I need you are here to share my soul
I just see your smile covering with the storm of sand
Where are you……..i am tired search you

When I want to see you , I just close my eyes
When I need you I just call your name
When I feel you, I just kiss your shadow
God help me

1 comment:

Awais said...

I love these words :)
great work :)
Live Long,