Sunday, 11 November 2007

Forget the sorrow


God with your love and power
i beg you wiht all my heart
guide us in the Your direction

God i beg you with your love and power
please help us, just You the only one who know us better
Never leave us even we always leave you and didnt obey you

God whereever you are
Please give us ur love so we can share Your love in our love

forget the sorrow, and remember the happyness

lets we forget the sorrow
lets we remember the happyness
remember me when we spent special time together
live is like circle, but ur love is move on
pass is pass, time never can be back again
we cant erase what happend
but we can continue our love wiht new story
love me as im with bad and good side
becouse noone in this earth perfectly
even an angel

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