Sunday, 11 November 2007

My Son dan Me

my son

by: liz/1/07

I never forget how hard to deliverer you to this earth

Your big weight made me out of breath

But after heard you were crying all this tired time just disappeared

You are my lovely son

I breast feed you in almost 2 years

I give you every second of my life

When you were sick , I was sick more than you

When you were cry I was most sad than you

Remember , when you were in hospital

Because the heat of your temperature made you spastic

I run alone to the hospital near our house

I was cry all the time

Thought that maybe I would lose you forever

My son I love you

My love to you can’t say in many words

You are the part of my mind, heart and body

Your happiness is mine

Your sad is mine

My son you are my everything

God thanks for the lovely son you gave to me

God thanks for sending him as my angel

He makes me happy all the time

He makes my life more enjoyable all the time

Even in sad moment , see his smile make me smile again

God thanks for everything you give to us

We are going to face this future together side by side

We help each other to make the best future for us

God wherever you are , I know You always beside us

Please guide us in your power and your love

Don't take my breath until I can make my son stand by his own

Give me time to see my son has lovely family

Ya Allah

Ya Allah bil husni Khotimah

Ya Allah die me in good way, in the time I call your Names

Ya Allah near me with You always

Yaa Allah , Yaa Rahman, Yaa Karim

Yaa Robb light me with all Your Names

Love me with Your love

Help me with Your power

Ya Allah im tired with my life

You see me , You hear me, you Know who the real me

You hide my mistakes in front of your creatures

All the sky and earth in your Hand

Please hold my hand in your Hand

Be My eyes, my ear, my nose, my mouth

So I can see, hear, smeal, eat , the good things

Ya Allah I beg you , with my heart and my soul

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