Sunday, 11 November 2007

Love me as im and be mine

be mine

need to know u better so we can be more understand,

i need to spent time together so we can be more feel ,

i need to touch sometime so i will never forget u

maybe we are far and separated by ocean and land
but i still can hear ur heartbeat inside mine
just give me time to know u better ,

give me memorize to glue you in my mind
every person has many different, so dont compare me with anyone
accept me as im
maybe hard to know me and understand me
but remember , i will try to understand u more than u know
we was born and life in different culture and though
but i always know love can be a glue to make this different as well as we want

accept me as im

i will never be an angel all my live
accept me as i accept u as u are
everytime u find the different between us , just accept and understand
if God create human being in same though, this live will never full with love and pleasure
even we never meet God in real, but believed it He never punish us becouse we dont know Him better.
maybe live is never be same to every human being , live will never be same to every creatures, but love can be the instrument to make the different more same with we want
live is not just imagination between real and unreal
ove is feel when u accept some one equal wiht ur mind and heart, maybe we just meet in sometime, and talk in sometime

but time will aprove who we are

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