Sunday, 11 November 2007

My son Forgive me Lets put Ourself in the Name of ALLah

My son forgive me

By: liz , oct/1/07

My son since you were born I promise you

I promise to make you happy

I promise to be near you always

I promise to raise you as well as I can

I promise to give you the best

Because I do love you

My son forgive me

If I can’t make your father near us

If I can’t make your father stay with us always

If I can’t make your father joint us to go together

Not because I don't love you

Just need you to understand us

My son whatever happened, we always love you

Whenever you need him ,I let you meet him

Wherever you are , I let him to know where you are

We still love you even can’t be together

My son I promise you

I will never leave you loather happened

You are my priority of my life

What make you happy ,will make me happiness

Forgive me if I let your father leaved us

I’m proud of you ‘

You never complained with our live

Thanks God forgive me you as my son

I promise you with all my heart and love

that’s you will never be sad

we are together struggle for our best future

love me as I’m

God please help us always , we put our life in Your hand

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