Sunday, 11 November 2007

Forgive me Ya Allah

Forgive me ya Allah


In silent moment, please open your door ya Allah

Please light my dark heart, my life , my soul

I beg Your love , I beg Your forgive ya Allah

I want to go back to you my Lord

After leave you so far

I want to go back to you ya Allah

After never obey You for so long

Im tired after long dark journey

My Lord I’ve lost my confident after fall down in deep hole

If I forget you for any reason, please forgive me

If I love you for no reason please accept me ya Allah

I believe In you even I always made many mistakes

I hope you guide me Ya Allah

After lose hope and faith

Ya Allah I beg you with all my heart and soul please forgive me

Please help me my Lord, help me please in the name of your 99 names

Yaa Rahman, Allahhu karim

Yaa Rahim, ya Hafiz


Anonymous said...

very deep and touching duah... may Allah forget us

Bilal said...

may ALLAH 4giv us all, N giv us a place close 2 him in Paradise! Ameen!