Sunday, 11 November 2007

my son my forever friend

Brave Heart

By : Liza/3/10/07

My little friend has brave heart

He stand beside me and take care me

Near me always in bad and happy moment

Give me hope in every time

He tauch me to enjoy this life with his simple mind

My little friend love me all the way

He has brave heart and made me can face our future

He has lovely heart to give me whenever I need

You are my energy and power to make me brave

Just be as you are

Because I accept you as you are

My little friend you will be always my spirit

Pray for me always because your pray will be heard by Allah

you are the best son I ever have

Thanks Allah to send me you as my little friend

My little friend

By: liza/3/10/07

He was just nine years old

But he tauch me how to be a patience person

He smile with me in every time together

We are laughing together

We are talking together in every moment

He accept me as I’m

Proud of me in every way

Thanks God who sent me this little friend

Some day he must be grown up

But he will be still my little friend

And I will always be his mom

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