Sunday, 28 September 2008

THis is the beautiful words from my friends i love this and share in my website

Be the reason for someones Happiness,

Never a part of it....

Be the part of someones Sadness,

Never a reason for it.

I believe ......

That you must always leave your loved ones

with loving words.

It might be the last time you see them .

That you either control your attitude

or it controls you.

It is not enough to be forgiven by others.

Sometimes u have o learn to forgive urself.

That the people you care most in life

are taken from you much too soon

That life is more precious than money

will ever be able to be.

We tend to forget that ....

Happiness does not come ....

As a result of getting

something we don't have.

But it rather comes ....

by recognizing and appreciating

all that we have !!!!

Effort is important,

but knowing where to make an effort,

makes all the difference in your life.

Take the whole responsibility on your own shoulders,

Know that u r the creator of ur own destiny,

All the strength and success you want

is within yourself

Stand up, Be bold, Be strong,

Make your own future !!!!

3 THINGS IN LIFE ! ! ! ! !

That once gone never come back ......


That are never sure ........


That make you a great person .....


That are most valuable ....


That can destroy a person ....






Smile : Value 2 your face,

Love : Value 2 your heart,

Respect : Value 2 your behaviour,

Study : Value 2 your future ,

Friendship : Value 2 your life...

The sun rises into the sky with the warmest smile

and wishes that you have a perfect day.

Give a thousand chances to your enemy

to become your friend

But don't give a single chance to your friend

to become your enemy.

Some beautiful flowers to bring fragrance to you !!!

No one is born happy........

But all of us are born with the ability to create happiness .......

So, make others happy ; Flash your sweetest smile ,

And have a weekend full of smiles !!!!!!

Your vision will become clear only

when you look into your heart.

Who looks outside, dreams.

who looks inside, awakens


is when skill meets opportunity,


is when fantasy meets reality.

Life means missing one & facing the expected one ,

When u r near, no one remembers u ,

But, when u r far, no one forgets u .....


May every second of this day & every day

bring something special.........

Friendship is like the breeze,

You cannot hold it,

Smell it, Taste it,

Or even know when it is coming,

But you can always feel it,

And you will always know it's there,

It may come and then go,

But you can know it will always be back.

Also sending you lots of

Smiles Across The Miles.

Never get tired,

of doing little things to others,

Because sometimes those little things,

may mean so much to them.

This is why I wont get tired

of send my little HI to you.

A good firend of mine asked me one day,

"What if I broke your trust someday"

I replied,

"Trusting you was my decision,

proving me right is yours"

Whatever happens, just RELAX and,

Manage to make a SMILE,

LIFE is not a problem

to be solved , but


Make Everyday Your Best Day..!!

If you keep on thinking of all the ways,

in which others cheated you,

fought with you,

degraded you or angered you,

your heart will be full of hatred.

Learn to let go.



As long as we have memories,

yesterday remains,

as long as we have hope,

tomorrow awaits,

as long as we have friendship,

each day is not a waste.

"Opinions are like hand watches,

Everyones watch shows a different time,


Everyone believes that their time is correct."

Enjoy life,

no matter how hard it may seem,

When life gives you

a thousand reasons to cry,

show the world .....

you have a million reasons to smile

Don't forget your old friends

when you get new ones,


"A new broom may sweep clean,

but the old one knows all the corners."


Believe not only in yourself,

but believe in your friends as well,

for it is in the eyes of your friends

that you discover yourself

Friendship is that sheltering tree

which covers you with warmth

when you are cold with sorrow,

balms your soul

when you are hurt in heart

and bondages with love

when you bleed inside.

Secrets of Life......

To really know the meaning of success,


Don't rely on the elevator to get you there,

The higher the floor you want to reach,

The more important it is to take the stairs

Sometimes all one needs is

A Hand to hold,

and a Heart to understand....

Love the Heart that Hurts you,

but never

Hurt the Heart that loves you !!!!

Too often, we underestimate

the power of a touch, a smile,

a kind word, a listening ear,

an honest compliment,

or the smallest act of caring,

all which have the potential

to turn a life round.

The secret of life is to make the best

of whatever comes along,

Make everyday fresh and new,

Go in search of

knowledge and experience.

The easiest way to learn

are the ones you learn the hard way

Just be ....

Strong enough to face

the world each day;

Weak enough to know that you

cannot do everything.

The First to Congratulate

an opponent who succeeds,

The Last to Critisize

a Collegue who fails.


Birds that live in a lake will fly away

when the lake dries up

But the Lotus in the lake dies with the lake,

Thats commitment in friendship.

Friendship is not necessarily finding similarities,

It is more about .. Respecting Differences.

Friendship is like a clap, which makes great

sound as we clap with two hands,

and friendship is strong when two person can

understand each other.

Thanks for being my friend ......

A life without challenges

would be like going to school

without lessons to learn.

Challenges come

not to depress or get you down

but to master and to grow

and to unfold your abilities.

I wish for you ......

Troubles as Light as Air,

Love as Deep as Ocean,

Friends as Solid as Diamonds,

& Success as Bright as Gold.

Life is not made up of great

sacrifices and duties.

But made up of simple smiles,

and kind words and kind acts -

Help others, and love them with a kind heart.

It's your life, so ......




If you fall, fall like a seed to germinate,

and not like a leaf to die.

The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose

It is built daily in Prayer, Humility,

Sacrifice and Love

May a wonderful life be yours forever!!!

Why do we need friends ?

We need friends for many reasons

all throughout the four seasons.

We need friends to comfort us when we are sad,

and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need friends to give us good advice,

We need someone we can count on to treat us nice.

We need friends because we are social in nature,

and having friends makes us feel secure.

We need friends to remember us once we have passed,

sharing memories that will always last.

That's why you are a nice friend.

If you believe you can, you probably can.

If you believe you won't, you most assuredly won't. Belief is the ignition switch

that gets you off the launching pad.

We have not passed that subtle line

between childhood and adulthood, until ...

we stop saying 'It got lost' and

say ' I lost it.' "

In life dont focus on trying to make

the right decision ....

Instead, focus on making the decision right.

Words don't have wings,

But can travel a thousand miles


I am send these words to wish you


May every hour of the day

Bring something special .....

A Thought that makes you Smile,

A Smile that warms your Heart,

And a Heart that holds Happiness.

Have a great day ahead.......

Keep your heart open to dreams,

For as long as there is dream,

There is Hope.

And as long as there is Hope.

There is joy in Living.


A bond of Love,

A medal of Trust.

A shoulder in Sadness,

A hand in Darkness.

A special reason to hold,

An ear where secrets can be told.

A path to achievement,

An appreciater for encouragement.

Something that doesn't cost,

A jewel never to be Lost !!

Look at life with eyes that see the best things,

Not the Bad.

Cherish in your memories the good times,

Not the Sad.

Choose the bright side of the road

where the sun shines,

Not the Dark

Walk in the direction where the sky is blue,

Not the Grey.

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